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Natural Brow Design System

Wish you adored your own brows? Believe me, it is achievable.

 I have been working on women's brows for over 30 years, and over the years I've witnessed various brow trends come and go, with concern for the potential natural beauty of our brows getting lost in the shuffle of social media trends.

A significant turning point occurred for me in 2015 when I had the privilege to embark on training with TrueBrow™ and since then I have been immersed in the process of creating naturally beautiful, flowing brows through their detailed techniques.  Using world-class design principles with meticulous care and vision, even the most compromised brows will experience a new level of beauty, via colour enhancement, waxing, precision trimming, and tweezing.

This is freehand design, crafting elegant, flowing lines that create naturally stunning brows, adding a hint of the TrueBrow™ Collection which is the perfect make-up touch to make them pop.


Initial Consultation & and patch testing complimentary

(This is your initial appointment where the foundation for the future of your brow potential really begins)


TrueBrow™ Design  - First Appointment $120

Maintenance Appointments - $55 (2 weekly)

Longer Appointments  $65 to $120 (3 Weekly plus)

Lash tint with your TrueBrow™ Maintenance  $25

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