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Holistic Facials -  For Glowing Skin

These facials are a celebration of nature, utilizing the power of premium, certified organic botanicals that genuinely care for your skin. Powered by the essence of plants, this treatment replenishes essential dermal nourishment and unveils a naturally beautiful, radiant glow. “At Janesce, we achieve beautiful, glowing skin with plant-based skincare and skin nutrition. Transforming your skin can be a doorway to improving your health, happiness, and wellbeing.” - JANINE TAIT


Immerse yourself in a luxurious journey of sensory delight with an array of luscious, plant-based mists, soothing herbal steam compresses, delicious enzymes, and rejuvenating healing balms. Feel the weight of stress dissolve and bring you into a state of relaxation. As you close your eyes, absorb the myriad of benefits from this time, just for you. Allow the potent botanical tinctures to seep into your skin and soul, bestowing their incredible healing properties. Indulge in the aromatic embrace of fragrant oils, the enchanting mist of floral steam, the comforting warmth of aroma-infused compresses, and the blissful relaxation.

40 Mins  /  75

  (No specific facial massage but you get to enjoy a hand & arm OR a foot & lower leg massage)

60 Mins  /   105

(With face, neck and decolletage, and hand & arm massage)

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