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Facial Rejuvenation

Are you looking for a natural alternative to all the instant fix offerings there are these days for skin showing the signs of ageing?  Wild Thistle Beauty is the first beauty clinic in NZ to offer this incredible machine for facial rejuvenation, and you will just love the difference this transformative non-invasive facial treatment can make to your skin.

It offers an advanced clinical true microcurrent treatment, which intensively stimulates facial muscles, resulting in a more uplifted, youthful-looking appearance. It is perfectly safe,and pain-free, and to be honest, you won't actually feel anything other than maybe a slight tingling sensation occasionally or a slight taste in your mouth, and it's very relaxing.  Skincare used in treatments are Janesce & O Cosmedics.  


This fabulous clinical treatment program really kickstarts the skin, positively impacting overall skin health, making it a very effective tool against the signs of skin ageing.  In addition, it also helps to decrease puffiness, reduce fine lines, brighten the skin overall, and also improve the look of sallow, devitalised, slow-to-heal skin, giving you a lovely glow again.

Microcurrent Facial / $145.00  

Course of 15-20  alongside my recommended homecare ritual for your skin concerns.

Course length will be recommended after consultation

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